Friday, September 11, 2009

A Tote to Roll With

Here is the little tote bag. Stitched it up to hold "the little wooden doll roll" . It turned out a little bigger than I imagined .
Little girl has already found lots of things to fill it with.

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My Little Humpty

Stitched this up for Bridgitt. She is 4. It was the first time. I have used wool felt. Oh, it is scrumptious. His little crown turned out cute. Pin It

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Wooden love

Has anyone painted any of those little wooden peg dolls. My girls and I gave it a shot this summer.

We created these little guys & dolls for our 4 year old. She loves them and wants to take them everywhere. So today I stitched up a little doll roll. Like the crayon rolls you see. I love this one.

I think it turned out cute. Now I am off to make a little tote to carry them in.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ready to piece

Ready to piece
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These are Kaffe Fasset fabrics. I am going to start sewing.

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Chocolate Coins

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This was challenging. I used linen to sash. Pin It

9 patch quilt top

9 patch quilt top
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Here is my fave.

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I thought I might show some Quiltin' . I am new at this. But I have got the bug...Big Time!!
I have finished 2. And am working on 3 more.
I am trying this blog straight from flickr thing Pin It

Floss Porn, Ya know ya wanna

How much do you love embroidery floss?? I love it!!!! I won this lot off ebay. It is 142 scrumptious
skeins . They appear to be old. Some are a little faded. But I think it makes them charming. I can't wait to get stitching. I am just a beginner. So Away I go. Pin It

Swirls of Love

So this is my first post. Super jazzed. I love to create things and I love my kids. Most of the time that comes together in the kitchen.
On the weekend I made the "90 min cinnamon rolls" .I have seen the recipe a few times .I really did not expect them to be so yummy,or pretty. This recipe is to easy to be so darn good. I used butter in the place of the fake stuff (I love butter). And no raisins for the men would protest. They didn't even need icing, although we did slather cream cheese icing on them. The recipe from Pinch My Salt is the best. Pin It