Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Coat to Sew??

I really want to sew a coat for little lady # 5. All the girls love coats. Living in the desert makes wearing them out of the question except for early in the morning,  late at night and that is  maybe 3 months out of the year. I suppose it seems silly to put all the effort in for such little wear.....call me crazy. I am thinking if I make one out of a yummy solid quilting cotton and line it with a cute pattern print maybe it will be light weight enough to get some fashonista time.
I love this one. Possibly with polka dot lining???? Amy over at Angry Chicken inspired me with these cute coats she whipped up. 

This is the materials from the stash I have so far. I'm not sure about thee prints.But I love the retro sailor/anchor buttons.

                                                        This is the vintage pattern I found.

Anyone out there sewing coats for kiddos?????                                  Pin It


  1. Yes, I just bought the Oliver & S coat pattern. I bought both packages to get the full range of sizes.

    We live in "the south", and though it rarely gets below freezing ( & when it does it doesn't stay there...)it does GET COLD. Snow too, but again, very little.

    I am scouring the goodwill/thrift shops/ consignment shops in search of a large men's wool coat.

    I think they call that up-cycling? ha Ha

    Sam in Middle TN