Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's get down to the knitty gritty....

I have been a baaad girl. I have allowed myself to get drawn in to a new addiction. Sad really. As if I needed something else to take me away from the housework....... It's knitting...
I don't know if it was the feel of the yarn or the instant gratification I get while watching a project grow. Hmmmm.
I blame my daughters .They and there running around with the darn knitting looms making all kinds of soft scrumptious wears. I had to pick up my needles.I had to.
First, it was only a couple innocent dish cloths. I felt a little tingly when they were finished.
But then I grabbed some bigger needles and a couple skeins from a local dealer (Micheal's).
And I started knitting a garter stitch like there was no tomorrow. I told myself only half ,only half. So, I stopped before a whole afghan. I had created a half-ghan . A wrap around scarf like thing. Soft as a babies bum.
After that..... the unmistakable signs started emerging. Instead of being in the fabric store buying my usual yards. I was being pulled to the yarn section.Touching every ball,every skein. Imagining all we could do together.
Utter madness.Really!!
I purchased yarn for all the girls for Christmas. Knowing all along I would be nabbing some for my own.
If that isn't bad enough I found my crochet needle. After a hour on youtube watching tutorial videos. I succomed.....a granny square. Where will this end.!!!????
I just know my kids are going to find me tangled in masses of yarn with that glazed over look in my eye and a grin like the Cheshire Cat. All I can hope for is that the completed works will be worth can only hope.
Be careful out there people. Let this serve as a warning.

The dish clothes

The Half-ghan
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  1. Oh I love your half-ghan. As a knitter myself, I can fully understand the addictive quality of this craft. If you want an amazing site to look around in go to But I warn you, there are tons of wonderful people there that will only enable this craft. You know like me (vintagemum)....grin,giggle

  2. LOL; too funny! I am obsessive like that, too, so I can't tell you that you shouldn't do it. I really need to pick my needles back up and finish the socks I've been knitting forever; SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) is truly a terrible thing.