Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Monster

Ever need a last minute B-day gift??? This lil'guy is loved by all ages.
Especially tween girls. Go figure. The new owner of this guy carried him around the mall all day.

He is made of green fleece from And little scraps of felt for the eye and mouth.
You just start with a square drawn on paper,round corners. Draw arms, feet and spikes.Trace on to wrong side of fleece.Sew on eye and mouth with a blanket stitch. With right sides together.Sew on traced line.
Clip corners and curves!!!!Leave 3 inches for stuffing. Stuff.
I use a ladder stitch to sew up opening.
Ta Da!!! Monster.
Put in Bag, add lots of candy and a card.

Once you have the pattern , you always have a go to 1 hour gift.
Here are some monsters of past. I especially love the "Penta Pus".Like an octopus but with 5 legs.

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  1. Your monster is so cute. I have a great grandson whose birthday is coming up and I'm going to try to make one for him. Thanks for the information and inspiration.

  2. Really adorable; very creative! Thanks for a great quick gift suggestion!