Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Even" The Boy "can craft...

For you all who do not know. I live in a house with 6 daughters and 1 son. Our #1 oldest son escaped a few years ago And left "The Boy" behind :( . Ha, Ha.   He is surrounded by girls all the time. Poor guy.
I have a hunch he has a favorite...his baby sister who is 4.
He made her this cool memory game.

He made this set from little wooden disks we bought here.If you have not been to Annies Etsy Shop
go now. You will come away needing to make something new. She special ordered these disks
and had them to us in no time.
The Boy used scrapbook paper for the pattern side.
Then he glued them on with Mod Podge for Paper.
After several coats of Mod Podge Hard Coat. It was ready for play.
She loves it!! As do all of us someone is always playing.


The Boy loves spray painting.Here are a few of his masterpieces.

Yes ...He did all of these with cans of spray paint .
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  1. WOW!! Those pictures are incredible. What talent!

  2. wow! I love the memory game idea and those pictures are amazing!

  3. Holy Cow! I am speechless. And that is really saying something. His paintings are beautiful. It would be really interesting to see what he could create with an airbrush. I love his memory game. What a great guy. And what a lucky mom you are to have such creative children.

  4. How sweet! That memory game is so cute. And the paintings . . . amazing! Spray paint???

  5. 一沙一世界,一花一天堂,掌中握無限,剎那即永恆..................................................