Monday, January 18, 2010

Got Froth?????

Around this house nothing gets done until Mamma gets a cup of joe.   I have been a coffee freak since I was 19 years old. I love it. I love the taste .I love the smell. I love how it makes me feel. I like the way the warm cup feels in my hand...Are you getting the picture.
With the advent of the coffee house. I had a heavenly place to stop everyday and get my fix.........Well with money and time being very tight these days. We got resourceful. I have an espresso machine. I think when we bought it 10 years ago My Hubby thought it would keep me out of Starbucks...HA. Now that I am on a budget. It has become a good friend. No more coffee house.But to be honest. It does not froth milk well. And I LOVE froth.
So, one day in a tearful prayer. Missing my "Vente'" It hit me.....Try the old school egg beater. TaDa...Amazing froth. Even with skim milk.AWESOME!!! Here how Supergirl makes Mamma's perfect cup of Joe....

What you will need....
Espresso machine, or very strong coffee. Egg beater.
Pyrex measuring cup.Milk and sugar.

1/2 to 1 cup of milk heated in the Micro. Whip with beater until the froth is to the top of your Pyrex.

Does that look yummy or what??

Get your shot of joe ready..It is about to get Happy.

Pour coffee in and add  Sugar, brown sugar or honey to taste.

Spoon on froth. Sprinkle a little sugar or cinnamon on top.
Sugar gives it a nice crust.

There you go...Perfect Joe!!!
The froth is a nice way to top cocoa for the kids.Less fat and sugar and they love it.
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  1. Ha; love it! And I love your spirit of joyful inventiveness in this.

  2. Love your blog! Just subscribed by email... Do you think this would work to make a mocha? This is my weakness,(well, Starbucks is:) but we have a cheapo espresso machine, and I always want to make mocha's but it never turns out... do you think I would add it to the milk after frothing/before? Not sure...thanks!

  3. O.K. Here is how we make mocha's ...They are not perfect....but close enough not to acually get in the car.
    I buy Starbucks whole bean Italian Roast. Grind it fine. Let your espresso machine heat up as hot as possible before making your shots. The somewhat burn flavor is the key to a "Stabucks-a-like" . I find that Hershey's "Special Dark" syrup tastes the most like you know who's. Mix syrup with espresso. Then ad "The Froth.
    I hope this helps.Happy Frothing!!