Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Multiple Project Disorder !!

Oh! I have to many projects going on. I am having trouble finishing the robot quilt. I am having a brain freeze on how to quilt it .( free motion, grid ...)I have 2 more quilt tops that need to be quilts. I need to finish a kitten quilt for my 8 year old. (Before she cries or ties me to my chair). I have 4 plushies to make(belated Christmas) and I am knitting an afghan(Just for me..hehe) .So what did I do today????? Nothing!! Sad.......
So, I have a plan. I am going to finally finish my zig-zag quilt top. Do I sound crazy!! Fragmented!! I think so.
Well anyway.
I used all Kaffe Fassett Fabrics on this baby. I just love the colors. My MIL has been so awesome, Some people have great moms. I have the world greatest Mother in Law,She has always been the most supportive person I know!!I have started a couple quilts for her but they are never right . I think this one might be it. What do you think.

It is all cut. Now I have to start sewing..wish me luck..and speed...Please
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  1. Oh oh oh your ZZ is beautiful. I must make one of these soon.

  2. Beautiful quilt; is that Amy Butler Love? To die for. That is definitely a keeper for your MIL!

    I'll be praying you through your multiple UFO syndrome. :) You can get them done! You CAN do it!