Monday, February 22, 2010

"Robotster" Quilt

Wow!!!  I am finally posting about this cute quilt. I know I gave it a funny name. I have a great reason.

When "TheBoy" was born he recieved a polka dot handmade quilt as a gift. He loved that thing. He took it everywhere. When he started talking he named it "Spotster". When he was 4 he said it had super healing powers. He is now 16 and you can still find it around his room. Even when he swears he does not know how it got there.
Since this quilt is for a very special little guy.And I hope it lasts him for many years to come. "Robotster" it is.


This Robot Fabric is from David Walker for Free Spirit . I used Essex linen in light blue to frame
the little guys.  I love the dog!!

 These are Disappearing 9 patch blocks.


I machine quilted some of  the seams and also tied it with 12 strands of floss. 
Some white , some rainbow.


This is a little softie toy cube to go with. I sewed some ribbon taggies in the seams.
Should be fun for tossing.


For all you fabric lovers.I know you noticed. There is a little Amy Butler and Heather Bailey in there too.
I hope the lil'guy loves it .  I do!!!

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  1. Wow! That is really cute. What a lucky little boy to get such an awesome quilt.

  2. Beautiful quilt! So sweet that your 16 yr old still has his special quilt.

  3. Wow this is gorgeous I love the mix of disappearing 9 blocks and the framed blocks.

  4. Great quilt for a boy! I like the fabric that you've used!

  5. Omigosh; this is a great little quilt! So colorful!