Friday, March 26, 2010


What a week !!!  Having six girls around the house takes a bit of patience.
We are always out of nail polish remover. Barrettes and pony holders disappear into thin air. 6 hairbrushes in the house. But only mine gets used. I could go on and on and on.................
But let's stay focused here.
The sewing areas in our home are.........well let's say.......small. In our previous home. We had a entire room for sewing and crafting. In this house we make due. The laundry room is the cutting area and the landing has the 2 sewing machines, desks ,design wall and dress form. Fabric is everywhere we can stuff it.
This week I had one of those ideas in my head I just had to get out and on the design wall. I thought of a plan to get it done.So, I was desperately trying to finish the chores ect. by lunch and sew in the afternoon before school let's out. My two oldest daughters home school.   They are always around. But neither of them have been sewing much lately.  I thought my plan was no fail.  HA. I should have known better.
Monday was o.k. I got some cutting done and was off and running. Tuesday my oldest girl asked if I had a dress pattern she could sew ( uh oh).Then, do you have an extra couple yards of fabric I can play with mom??? (oh no).Wednesday my one butt laundry room had two butts in it. I can't get mad she is sewing , creating, I am so I run in to her for the fifth time going from cutting to sewing. Then , I hear myself saying things like. Where is the scissors? Did the rotary cutter have a flat spot? Honey, those are my quilting pins. Ouch! I just stepped on one.You can't use that bobbin in that sewing machine.  By the end of the day
it looked like a tornado had ravaged the sewing area . But the sun dress was done and I had a couple more blocks on the wall.
Thursday will be a sew-a-thon day right ? She is done.
I get the chores done on Thursday ,run upstairs to sew .....and she is resizing the dress form (%$@#). "Watcha doin honey ?", I say. " I have a great idea for another dress mom" she says. I scream really loud in my head!!!!! Smile and say ," Awesome ! Project Runway watch out."
We continue the little dance for another day.....Untill SuperGirl starts hanging around watching what we are doing. "Hey, Mom what are all these triangles for ?" She says. " They are just left over from the sawtooth blocks I am making." I respond. Before I could catch my breath.....Three butts in the one butt laundry room.
And three sewers on two machines. I still don't want to discourage, so on we go. The tripping , the tornado and the stressed mom with the not so authentic smile. Proud as can be!!!
I hope this weekend will find us finishing our projects happily and with out injury.
Here is a peek at the progress..
The first sundress. By the oldest..

Triangles sewn together to make the top of a sundress. By SuperGirl.

And the finished blocks for my new project...

Thank Goodness it's Friday!!!!!!!! Pin It


  1. oh... and you are so very blessed to have girls to pass on your love of quilting! Cudos to you for staying patient!

  2. You poor thing! It's been a while since I had to do the "be supportive smiling and nodding" thing. Phew! But it is so fun to see our children liking the same things we do. Good job!

  3. Love everything, especially the story that goes with all of the creations!

  4. Your story is cute! I know it is stressful, but what priceless memories you all are creating. The projects are looking fabulous! Do you have room for one more girl (lol)?

  5. You are a good woman raising good (future) women. Keep it up! (and, maybe, go for a walk by yourself for a few minutes. It really helps.)

  6. I am impressed with your patience and how much you got done. I get a lot less done and I just have a 2.5 year old daughter a 4 month old puppy and 2 x 7 year old dogs to keep happy.

  7. It all sounds heavenly to me. I have only boys and they are politely interested in my hobbies (except to ask for something). I love the idea of a three butt laundry room!