Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Interrupt This Crafty Blog for Breaking News..................

It has been another crazy couple of days here at The Moon. We have a new baby in the house.Very un-expectantly.
Sparing the ugly details. This little guys siblings didn't make it. And Momma made it clear
she was NOT going to care for him. So my Sweet Oldest Daughter has stepped in as adopted Mom.
She is feeding him by hand every two hours..all night long. SuperGirl and I are helping where we can.

He (we are guessing of course) Is 4 days old and barely 2 oz. I can't believe how such a little thing can stir up the entire household. We are all praying he makes it. We know the chances are slim. That's why we decided to call him Chance. 
Several years ago we hand raised three other kittens like this. We always seem to be that family that says YES. haha. That experience was very special. At the time The three oldest (all homeshooling) took on the
          responsibility like champs. Setting their alarm clocks and taking turns with all the care. Watching them  was a proud moment for me. We lost one of that litter. But two lived to be loving adults. I t was really worth the time and effort.
This little guy is a real cryer. He sounds more like a baby than a kitty. I told my daughter it is like the assignment in school where they give you an egg or a baby doll to take care of to teach the lesson on the responsibility of a baby. She is 15 now so I hope the lesson really sticks!!

                           Now for more Breaking News...
 If you notice the fabric in the background "It is Healther Bailey's Pop Garden". It is there to tease. I am planning a GIVEAWAY this week . I have had so many new visitors lately..time say thanks and to give back to all my readers!!! I will annouce soon and it will REALLY be worth the wait. Pin It


  1. Oh my gosh, that kitten is precious!

  2. I will be keeping little Chance in my prayers and hooray for your daughter to take on such a responsibility!! And yes, a good lesson for her in caring for something so tiny. We're rooting for him!!

  3. Bless you and your daughter for taking care of him! I hand raised 6 kittens during the years I was in highschool, we lost one. They do turn out to be the best cats; they're your baby forever! Good luck, and please keep us posted :-)

  4. I will be praying for wee Chance. We handraised two of our kitties and they are the best cats. They seem to be more loving and bond with you closer when you hand feed them. Ours weren't as small as that, we guess they were two weeks old when we found them. Cheers for your daughter for taking care of him!

    Happy Quilting!

  5. Wow, we thought our little kitty was small. I'll be praying for Chance. Your kids are awesome. I love your blog and Oh My Gosh I love that fabric!!

  6. oh my God..such a cute little to read your story about your familys help for this little newborn.
    I crossed my fingers and hopes Chance will be a big strong and playfully cat.

  7. I'm new to following your blog, but I just wanted to say I can totally sympathize. I was always the first one to jump to taking care of abandoned animals and find new homes for them. I'm such a softie though...

  8. Oh I so hope he will make it. The wee thing looks so fragile. You have the most wonderful kids. Bless your dear daughter for taking this on.

  9. When I was a teen we raised two orphaned male squirrels. They were adorable. Our family was the local animal shelter. We took care of baby birds too.

  10. How is chance doing??? awwwww god bless all of you!