Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow........Who New!!!

Well, I just can't believe how many people liked the "Cupcake" post. Meghan over at Craft Gossip gave a really nice shout out. I love !! Never thought I would see one of my posts there. Super Cool.
Kelli left a comment about using other kind of papers. That got my little mind buzzing. I think you would have to use parchment paper to get the release factor. But.....I found these cool cupcake wrappers
over at Food Art Party. I think they would really dress up my lil. liners!! You could use all kinds of papers....or dare I say "fabric cupcake wrappers". Oh, No! I could see me sewing up a couple dozen...maybe with velcro. Something like the coffee cozies. As you can tell i am a little excited about this.
Thanks to everyone who gave a thumbs up!! and comments ect. Really LOVE it!! Pin It

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  1. Super idea.... fabric cupcake wrappers. Hmmmm... I sew too you know. LOL!

    I like the idea of making your own wrappers out of parchment paper. YOu could even cut the parchment with scallop-edged scissors.

    I sent you a PM, so hopefully you got that. Thanks for the shout-out about my Food Art Party blog. I just made the cupcakes tonight and used the new wrappers I made on them. I just LOVE them. So excited to share with SOMEONE!!!
    Go check them out.