Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$3.82 a yard !!!! I love

 I ordered some fabric last week from . This beautiful bundle of fabric love arrived today.
I have shopped from time to time over the years. Not a lot ,I don't know why......I am always so happy when I do. Some of it was clearance, some not. I had a coupon for 20 % off. That I found on-line here . All the fabric I ordered is designer.  Gabrielle by Studio E , Valorie Wells for Free Spirit. Tina Givens for Free Spirit ect. I had ordered 7 1/2 yards..but I received 10 1/4 yards they add a few inches to almost every piece. That seems to be a rule with them lately. I am dancing around like a happy fool right now. The final price turned out to be $3.82 a yard. How cool is that????? I don't know what I am going to do with it all yet. But ya'll know I will.
Or the girls will.
Here is some fabric eye candy........don't drool on the keyboard . {chuckles}
Gabrielle by Studio E
Valorie wells...Nest. Olivia's Holiday  by tina givens on the bottom.
Isn't this lil' bird sweet?? Also from Nest.
A piece of red and aqua for my collection.
More Tina Givens in the piles too.
What a great lot of fabric huh???? Pin It


  1. Love it. Thanks for the pictures and the tip. I usually shop online at fatquartershop but will definitely check this out.

  2. Very pretty choices! I have never visited that webpage before, but now I will!

  3. I know what you mean....I ordered some fabric too from, but I think i went a little over board ( i posted a picture on my blog). I'm hoping to just mine for some stuff animals patterns that I bough a while back.

    Great Looking fabric is always so much to look at!

  4. yes, that is great! Think I'm off to to do some shopping now!

  5. If you don't care about what you get, check out their scrap bag and 1/2 yard cuts... Awesome!

  6. is a great place to shop. Love the fabric that you ordered.


  7. Mmmm, that is one tasty pile of fabric! I really wish you had gotten a picture or two of the design wall mishap with the boys, lol. And their faces!