Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anyone want to join in ?????

My Goal in this project is to clothe the" nakey babies" (dolls) in this house. 
I have been sewing a few little things and making a couple patterns/tutorials to share.
So, if any of you are tripping over nakey babies in your house. Please join in.
I am thinking that over the summer I will make clothes for all the nakey's and maybe some spares.
It is never to early to sew for Christmas or B-day's.
I will post once a week on Friday. I am keeping it simple. Beginner friendly.
If anyone has any ideas, patterns links or inspiration to share ...please do.
Grab your scraps of fabric , Velcro and a "Nakey Baby"
this will be fun.
I will add a flickr group so we can share pics of the babies we are sewing for and the things we sew.
Here is some links to getcha in the mood.
Idea's on refurbishing lil'one's from Save the Doll's
a dress and a pinafore from Susan Krammer

Please Join me !!!!!

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  1. I am thinking about it, but I honestly don't know, there is so much else I need to do right now. And by the way that nakey baby is too funny! Just look at that expression!

  2. This is a super great idea! I hate seeing the nakey babies, but don't have clothes that fit them all right--or are easy enough for toddlers to manage. I was just thinking I might try some simple skirts, at least. Maybe a shirred dress? I could handle that. Will link back if I do.

  3. Thanks for the fun and great tutorials on doll clothes. I'm going to do it for my daughters Christmas.