Friday, June 18, 2010

First "Nakey Baby" Outfit...............

Nakey Baby Templates Are now Available in my Shop!!
I no longer blog here and can't keep up with the demand! But, I still want to offer this project!!
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Thank You!!!

Welcome to the "Nakey Baby" Project
Well here goes, 
This is the first time I have done a on-line project like this, so please forgive my "Newbie-ness"
Scrap Fabric ( I am using knit but you can use terry.flannel, cotton woven or an old tee shirt)
1/4 inch elastic 6 inches should do it.
Templates printed out.(shown at the end of post )

 Print out and cut your templates.
Lay them out on the fold of your fabric as shown. The sleeve template does not need to be on the fold.
Cut 2 of each.
 This is what you should have. We will work on the diaper first.
 Pin diaper cuts right side together.

 Mark opening on the top back of the diaper cut. 
This is your start /stop sewing marks. This way you will have a opening to turn it inside out. Sew a 1/4 inch seam,  stitch around from mark to mark. Turn inside out and press.
This is what you'll have.


 At this point sew up the opening. Time to add velcro. Size the diaper on baby. Then add soft side of Velcro to front of diaper and Velcro hook side to back tabs as shown here. Try the Diaper on the baby.

 Now that was quick and simple....right. A great thing for a new sewer.
Sew a couple more for a set.

Now on to the top.

Pin sleeve pieces right side together on both sides of one body piece. Sew 1/4 inch seam to attach.
 It will look like this with both sleeves sewn.

Now attach  the other body piece to the un-sewn edges of the sleeves. It will look like this.

Then sew the side seams together. Start where the sleeve ends to the bottom of top. Use reinforced stitches at all starts and stops.
At this point fold down top edge of neckline 1/2 inch and sew. Leave a opening for the elastic.

Insert elastic cinch up to fit baby, then sew up opening. Your top will look like this now. Try on baby.
Cute right!! And quick. 
Since I am using knit, I did not finish edges of the sleeves ect. If you used a woven fabric, add a 1/2 inch all around the trapezoid shaped templates ..
That should give you plenty of room to hem.
If you want a longer dress just add to the length
 of the large top template.
Here are pictures of other sets I made with these templates.

 You can really dress up this diaper with some ruffles. Refer to this post for ruffle making.

This one has matching britches. I'll add that template next week.
I hope you like these patterns. Enjoy!!!

Here are the links to the templates, just click and print.

Tip: After printing and cutting the templates. Size to the baby you are sewing for by fitting the paper around baby if you need to enlarge or reduce size change your printer settings to suit.
My baby is 13 inches long.

Update: If you like this post please follow this link to see all the posts in this project.
Lots of cute doll outfits to make.
I will be adding even more on Friday.
" Nakey Baby" Project 
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  1. Cute Cute. The granddaughters aren't old enough to NEED these yet, but I hope someday to supply their need :)

  2. O wow; VERY nice, and very easy. Thank you for demonstrating what appears to be the basics of a peasant style top/dress. And there's that hilarious nakey baby again! I chuckle every time I see her funny little face!

  3. I love these. I have four nakey babies to sew for and this is perfect. Please add me to your Share with list so I can download the patterns (momzo13)


  4. Jean,
    The files are now public...again.
    Something wacky happened there.
    Thanks for the comment .Have fun sewin'

  5. very cute! thank you, i've been looking for something just like this to make dolly clothes for my granddaughters! thank you for sharing! =)

  6. so so cute! my girls will love these clothing items for their dolls! Thanks for sharing :-)

  7. So cute!! Every baby doll needs a little top and a diaper... or two... or three... :)

    I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  8. I found you via Craft Gossip. I love this project and series!

  9. Cute! I used to spend lots of time making doll clothes. I remember a friend of my mom's who used to make me doll clothes...I still have them. You are inspiring me! I have 3 little girls in my neighborhood that would love some of these as I have no grandchildren just yet.

  10. thanks - these are perfect to make doll clothes to match from dress and top/skirt leftover scraps!

  11. What type of doll is that?! I'd love to get her for my daughter!!

  12. I just found your blog, and made my daughter's babies the peasant top and diaper. They were so easy to put together. My daughter loves having clothed babies again. Thanks!!!

  13. My baby doll is 18inch long from top of head to toe, 18inch at the biggest position on body. I´m very thankful if you can help to enlarge the template because your clothing for nakey baby so cute that I want to make some for the baby of my daughter. Just some guide, how much it should be added to the template

  14. SO happy I found this! Got a baby doll in a bag of free toys but no clothes to go with her. As a beginning sewer, this was a simple to follow design. I had some trouble downsizing the template for the diaper as it was a bit big for my doll. In the end I just decided to knot the sides instead of velcro & that took care of the diaper being too big. Thanks again!

  15. LOVE these tutorials. We are having a baby Christmas, clothes, diaper bag, bed, high chair. Loads of fun!

  16. has the pattern been moved? i just tried to go to the link and it gave me an error....

  17. Hey coffe girl!! I think it is fixed but.... try this link. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  18. Did you make the mini-quilt in the following pic?

  19. Thank you so much for the Nakey Baby Project. I have just made the peasant dress (my baby already had a purple diaper on - that's all she was wearing when we got her), so I was so happy to make her a purple dress.

    I am looking forward to making some of your other baby doll clothes.

    I have uploaded some photos to the flickr group.

    Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your patterns/tutes. I really appreciate it. Thank you!


  20. how do i get the pattern?

  21. To get the pattern ....
    Click on the words in color ( now purple text).
    So, If you want to get the "peasant top" pattern click on the colored word, peasant top. this will take you to the pattern then you can print it.

    We are in the process of revamping ,combining and all around spiff up of all "Nakey Baby" patterns.So that we may offer the entire in our Etsy Shop. For those who prefer.
    I am hoping by August.

    Good Luck. Any other questions....please feel free to ask.

  22. What size of dolly is this one? I bought 2 "new" dolls from the thrift shop that are about 12" long. As usual you can't buy doll clothes or barbie clothes for dolls so I'm going to have to make them. I'm going to pin this so I can find you again.

    Tina 'the book lady'

  23. if you added the phrase "on fold" to two of the pieces, that would help. (If I am making this right!) Thanks for sharing!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns! My granddaughter's baby doll is 13 3/4" long, very difficult to find free patterns that will work. I am going to try the 2 in 1 dress and diapers to match. I have not started these yet, but am sure they will fit much better that the newborn onesie that droops 4" below the crotch that the doll is wearing now! I am a quilter and have TONS of leftover fabrics I can use to make her lots of outfits. I'm sure my granddaughter will be thrilled to be able to dress her baby!

  25. Thank you so much for these easy patterns I couldn't find anything to sew stuff for my 10 inch doll -thank you so much for sharing

  26. Thank you so much for sharing. I've been looking for clothes for my 10 inch and it got so frustrating...thanks again

  27. Thank you for the super easy and quick pattern. I made two outfits in under an hour for a preschool classroom with naked baby syndrome.

  28. So cute and easy! Thanks so much for making this available!

  29. OMG!!! I JUST discovered your page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing all these cute little pattern! I recently fell in love with these dolls and since my babies are no longer babies (25, 15, 11) I had not sewn baby clothes for quite some time...but now I have my dolls!!! Thank you again for sharing!! God bless!!!

  30. i just found your page, love, love, love it!!!!!