Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Headaches from Hexagons............

Hello All ,
I am working on the hexagon quilt -along today and these hexagons are tough to layout!
I really want a quilt that looks modern and simple. I would kinda like it to be a giant hexagon. But I don't think I have made enough blocks. I am playing with all kinds of ideas ...but it is tricky...at least for me.  I have tried a few things...
Low-tech (Thank to my kiddos pattern blocks)
High-tech ( thanks to my EQ7 that I won, more about that later)

My-tech ( graph paper)
It always comes back to the graph paper!!!

If any of you are like me you will love this source for free printable graph paper. They have so many cool papers I dare you to go there ,take a look, and not want to design a new quilt. Sharpen your colored pencils people. It is Awesome! Pin It


  1. Hay, thanks for posting about the graph paper! I did not realise that you could get free online graph paper in circles, dimonds, and other shapes. This is a great help for me. I am going to use the dimond pattern today for a quilt I am making. It sure beats a blank piece of paper and a ruler!

  2. Did you see Julie's post on how to make the hexagon quilt a long quilt a giant hexagon? I think I'm going to do one of those. :)

    and thanks for the link!