Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am a scrap Maverick......

Not really. More like the last one to make this block. Laugh with me here.
I love making these maverick star blocks. What a wonderful way to use the little scraps.

 This is a little doll quilt I pulled together for the girls.
I am making a promise this summer to sew up new clothes and bedding for the dollies in this house.
We have not bought baby dolls for a loooooong time. They are all hand me downs from the big girls.
They are all so loved. But in desperate need of a makeovers. If I threw one of these dolls out. It would be off with me head!  And I am tired of looking at naked babies!! 
This quilt is my start.
If any of you have any great doll clothes ideas ect. Please let me know. I have 10 dolls to sew for.

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  1. I'm also searching for (free) doll clothes patterns. My 3-year old is already such a sweet little mommy to all of her babies. :)

    I hope you post the patterns if you find some!

  2. LOVE those maverick stars! I just started a string quilt, so I'm getting into the scrap block madness--um, fun! I'll have to do a maverick star quilt next, perhaps.