Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh My.....What a week !!!

Wow, has this week has been a doosey!!
It started out fine. I finished the 101 siggy blocks for the siggy swap . Proud as punch I was.... until ....
Tuesday when my 17 year old son ,a.k.a the boy, had a skateboarding accident. Not just any little ol' spill. A real live "Jackass" moment. I have never seen anyone with more pavement rash. In his whole life, I have hardly ever had to put on a band-aid on him. Ugggg. He redeemed all his ouchie quota's in one fall. I am nursing his wounds 24/7 with this one.

 Wednesday our darling 4 year old Midgie took a spill on the playland at McDonald's. She went from ice cream cone uphoria, to bleeding profusely in meer moments. Oh man it scared the 24 year old manager on duty to death. He was more pail than she was. It was only a cut under her brow. But by the looks of it you would have thought 911 was in order. Luckily not needed. She did come home with a butterflied wound and a ridiculous amount of McDonald's chocolate chip cookies. On the house of course.

Thursday while I was taking a break from the crazy for a minute, kicking back in my favorite chair ...the boy's friends popped over to cheer him up.Four teenage boys, his closest buds. I am still not sure what happened, or why the boys were beside my design wall (can you tell where this is going?). But all of the sudden, hours and hours of work , painstakingly piecing each little triangle of the hexagon quilt-along quilt, that was up on the design wall.... was on the floor. I had finally perfected the layout. Every block was positioned in a random but not random place. The colors were scattered perfectly.  I had even started sewing and placing each piece back on the wall, in just the right place......@#*$%  teenage boys cannot help but horse around. Being the sweet boys they are they tried to put it all back. You can imagine what that looks like. I have to say though, the whole incident did take the boy's mind off the pain. Giggling at your friends who are trying to make up with your mother will do that.
So, I guess it goes without saying ...I am a little behind on my posts. blogging and sewing will have to wait while I smear neosporin ,wrap gauze, and hug these kids as tightly as I can without them screaming. Although it has been one helava week.... It reminds me of what is important . I am blessed it is just some wounds and not worse. It is amazing to see what great friendships my son has made ,they are really caring and good young men.  I am proud that my other children love one another enough to put everything aside to make sure the wounded have everything they need .And there is lots and lots of love. I guess a shake up once in a while is a good thing.

I 'll be back shortly. When the healing begins. Pin It


  1. Hi! I recently started to follow you blog and I really feel for you! Luckily it wasn't any worse but those pavement burns are horrible... When my son was young he fell of his bike once and had one from his knee till under his armpit... We were in France at the time and someone told us to go to the pharmacy and get 'liquid calendula'. You dilute it with water (concentrated drops) and dab it on the wound with cotton wool. It really really helped! we still have that just in case... I don't know whether you could get it in the USA but either a pharmacy or healthfood shop are good to try. It is the most fantastic stuff ever.

  2. Oh, my! What a week! Hope everyone is better soon!

  3. Sorry to hear about your hexie quilt on the design wall. Hopefully you were able to get everything back in random order. Hope your son is feeling better and that the little one isn't too high on sugar from all those McD's cookies!

  4. Oh my goodness. It sounds like bad weeks are going around. :(

    Hugs to you, and here's to hoping that next week is better!!

  5. Whew; I, too, am glad it was not worse. Sending blessings your way...:)

  6. That is a rough one! Take care and maybe bubble-wrap is in order??