Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink is her favorite color..........

My oldest daughter... who is now 15. Received this little set when she was 5.

As the years have gone by I have made new bedding and repainted it white with each new owner. This sweet set is on to owner number six.   # 6  decided repainting it white, was not an option. I told her that it has always been white...  her 5 big sisters liked the set white.
She didn't waiver, after all she is 4.  #6 wanted pink. Not just any pink. Bright tulip pink.  Oh, my.
How about yellow? Or baby blue? No PINK!!
The Boy did the spray painting. I owe him for that. After all his fingers were pink for a while....
I  sewed a mattress and pillow, covered the seat. Then made a lil'quilt for the back of the chair.
I think you have seen the baby quilt before  :)  , this is it's new home.
Now that the project is done. I think pink was a good choice.
I think Baby thinks so too. # 6 and sassy loves it!!

Wow What a treat !!!! This project is featured on Remodelaholic!!!!

I am giddy!! I am dancing!!!!
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  1. How cute! Pink was a good choice... although keeping it white would have still been sweet. Your quilts make it so lovely!

  2. Those are beautiful! I love everything about them!

  3. It came out so CUTE! And the great little quilt just sets it off! Nuts; now I want to go do the same...and boy, when you return to blogging, do you ever RETURN! lol! Seriously, good to have you back!

  4. I Love it, everything, the color the quilt is very pretty...Good job!!!

  5. They turned out wonderful! Maybe the next five will want pink too :)

  6. This is absolutely adorable!! My daughter was not a "doll person" so I can only hope for granddaughters who might enjoy something like this someday.

  7. Super DUPER cute! I want to make a set for my girls, they would love it!

  8. Super duper cute! I want a set for my girls!

  9. Oh my goodness. I just gave my set that I got 25 years ago that looks just like that to my 2 year old for Christmas last year. I didn't really alter it any though so its still wood. The pink looks fabulous.