Thursday, July 29, 2010

My inner eight year old boy....

This summer has been a lesson in creative entertaining .
We are moving into a new house. So packing, planning and cleaning have replaced a summer vacation. And by packing up stuff that would otherwise be played with... I have been left with some very bored kids. In a attempt to entertain.. We have found some cute videos and by my surprise, my inner 8 year old boy.....I haven't seen him since I sold my dirt bike when I was 11. This is the guy what lured him out........

The kids and I have watched everyone of the orange's videos. I don't know why I like him......but I do.
And the girl's are smitten. Must be his citrus smile.

Another video my girly's love is this "Sweet" one.

Well, if you have some bored kiddos around your house maybe this will help.
One warning....The fruit does get cut up at the end of each annoying orange video.
Although it cracks me up.....might be harsh for the littlest viewers. Pin It

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am feeling like a slacker.....

Has everyone seen what Jess over at Craftiness is Not Optional did with the "Nakey Baby " patterns???

    This is just a sampling of her amazing work! 
She is a total show off inspiration !!
    Please go check it out!!

Well,  back to the machine for me.....My girls have seen those cute skirts and tops Jess made..
I going to have do some dolly sewing this week!! That is if I want to keep my Super Mama status.
The problem  is once you start sewing these mini-clothes your hooked. Just a warning.....
My quilting has taken a bit of a backseat.
Here are some links to patterns and tutorials I have found to sew up more dolly delights.

"Sew" Many Patterns ..."Sew" Little Time.
I am going to try though. If I come up with any new patterns... I will share of course.
Now , go sew some mini-clothes. 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Frazzled is how I feel this summer!! I can't seem to get anything done. Anyone out there feeling this.Uuuuggg!!
I am starting to look forward to " Back to School" time. And it's still 3 weeks away.

Oh well, enough complaining!!!

I played with strings again,and some triangle scraps too.
This pretty little pile inspired this..

I had so much fun making my first string block....I started trying to find a fun new ways to use strings. I played until I came up with this idea. This block is not perfect I would change a couple things. I like the idea and look of it though.I'd like to make a whole quilt, a quick one that can be sewn  in 30 min. sewing segments( Because my kiddos will have it no other way). I think it If I make a quilt I will use Kona cotton in coal instead of the white.
I dunno ...What do you all think???

On another topic...Nakey Baby has been such a fun,fun,fun project!! I love all the comments,e-mails and questions I received from my SuperSweet readers. It has been so nice getting to know some of you better!!!
I gotta tell you.... I saw this today over at The Amazing Jess's blog.
Are they not the cutest!!!! And Yup, she used my pattern. Thrilling to see someone use something I came up with. I am in the clouds over it!!!! You can read about her sewing the dresses here.

All and all ,even though I am frazzled, it has been a very good day!!
Have a great night Ya'all. Pin It

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Nakey Baby " 2 Dresses in 1 Tutorial

Nakey Baby Templates Are now Available in my Shop!!
I no longer blog here and can't keep up with the demand! But, I still want to offer this project!!
Go to the store tab on the top of page!!
Thank You!!!

It is 2 ,Yes 2!! 2 Dresses in 1.

 Do I sound like a salesman?I am a little bit. This little Dress is sooo simple to make.  Perfect for a beginner, Superfast for a sewer with some skills. You could whip up 2 of these and 2 nappy/diapers in a couple hours for a great gift. Any little girl would love .
So away we go,

2 pieces of fabric 18"x20"
2 closures  (snaps ,buttons,Velcro or whatever you like!)
Embellishment if you like
Printed Template (link at the bottom of post)

This tutorial is so easy it hardly needs instructions...........

 Fold one of the pieces of fabric in half . Place pattern on fold like so. Cut one ....Fabric  #1.
 Do the same with Fabric #2.
 This is what you should have. Put the two cut outs right sides together, pin  then sew a 1/4 "seam all around the dress.
 Leaving a space open for turning. As I marked above.
 Turn right side out and press. Make sure to turn 1/4 inch in at the opening  to match up edge for top stitching.
 Now it looks like this.
 Top stitch all around dress very close to the edge. This will also close the opening.

Now we need to add some closures. I use snaps cuz I love 'em. Velcro would prabably work better. And buttons would be super cute ...if you feel that spunky. These photos are from the first dress I made with all one fabric. These shows where to put the closures.

Now ,on these two little dresses I added some embellishments. I applied them using fabric glue. Easy Peasy!!

 A butterfly on this one.
 View of the back.
 I stitched a blanket stitch on felt hearts here. The hearts cover up the snap backs .
 Sweet right?

 The cute little back.
I hope you enjoy making this little dress. It gives two different looks for the fashion minded baby. haha
Print template from link below.

Just to remind you can find similar a  pattern here for your little girl. At SewBaby .
That will make a cute girl/doll matching outfits.

This is the last pattern for "The Nakey Baby Project".
I will do a wrap up next week an show off my dressed babies.
If you sew up some off these ideas , PLEASE show them off on the flickr page. I will also post some on the blog here! I really want to see what you do with these ideas.
Thanks to all of you who have down loaded the patterns, over 500 downloads so far !!!!!

How cute!! 2 babies in 1 pic.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yup, there she goes...sitting on her butt again.


[kuhm-puhl-shuhn] Show IPA
1.  the act of compelling; constraint; coercion.
2.  the state or condition of being compelled.
3.  Psychology . a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act,( stitch things and sew hexagons) esp. one that is irrational or contrary to one's will.
I have a compulsion to sit on my keester and stitch things. I know should go for a run. I know I should fold that heap of laundry staring at me. Or maybe finish one of the 4 quilt tops I have in progress.
But I can not. 
I blame the blogs!!!!

Like this one or this one..but especially this one !!! That Texas Freckles went and made those Hexagons look so appealing. I just had to try one.Now, I've been had!!
After a couple of those little things of beauty were sewn up .I thought ....ooooo !!  wouldn't it be cute if I stitched a little something on linen for one, a mushroom maybe? a cupcake?  They just kept getting cuter.
It was as if they were calling me to sit down and make more of them.
Anyone out there suffering this very contagious disease???
Here are some pictures of the little guys...and some other stitchin' too.
1 inch Hexies


1 1/2 inch Hexies

Mushrooms on Linen

A Hedgie to Love

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Great Idea !!

For any of you who have a dolly/or softie they can't live without. This is the greatest idea. Brought to you by the amazing.....                                 .Lil Blue Boo?

When I saw this I remembered a trip we took.( Gotta minute for a story?)It was to  Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. When I say we, I mean My Hubby, His Business partner , my Brother in law, myself and 3 kiddos . It was July and  my Hubby wanted to take his family on this business trip.  I think the guys would have rather gone alone...more beer, less crying.   But away we went.
We arrived at the Milwakee Airport after 2 plane changes and several hours of flying. The kiddos were in pretty good spirits. After gathering the luggage, 2 carseats and porta crib ect. We headed off to the van that had been sent to take us to our rental cars . It took us about 45 min. to get to the dealership to pick up the cars. We loaded the cars and finally took of for Osh Kosh YEA!!. After about  30 min. or so into the drive my 4 year old son woke up and said, "where's Virgil ?" His stuffed pig. He had had it since he was born and NEVER went anywhere without it. I asked the caravan to pull over so I could look for it.
It was no where to be found.
We asked ourselves all the questions like, Did he have it when he got off the plane? Did he have it in the van?
Can we find a replacement??? I think it dawned on all of us.........we had to go back. Back to each of the places we had been. Calling everyone we could think of , saying ,Have you seen a pink stuffed pig.? If you find will you call. Nothing. My dear patient husband drove all the way back to the airport. Left us in the car.
and headed to the information counter. He thought he would ask them to make an announcement or something. As he walked up to the counter, much to his surpise , there sat Virgil. On the counter looking at him and giggling I am sure. Some one had found him and turned him in. The lady at the info desk thought he was cute and sat him on the counter. When My husband walked toward the car, with  pig in hand, he was a hero to our son. It made the 3 hour delay well worth it. And Virgil ,who is now 17 years old, still holds a special place in our hearts. He is showing his age. But so am I.

Would of been nice if he would have had a cool tag!!! Pin It

It is 108 degrees...Maybe Nakey is a good thing??

Oh! my gosh it is hot today. I wanna be a nakey baby.... trust me, I am the only one that would like that.
In today's post we will be using the templates from the this post .
And following most of the same instructions. We will just tweek them a bit to make a couple more outfits.
 Adding some sleeves to the bodice. And making some panties.
For this first one. Cut 2 each of shorts, bodice and sleeve. And one 5"x20" rectangle.

We are going to sew the sleeves to 1 of the bodice cuts.

With right sides together sew each sleeve to the bodice. Just sew a few stitches then turn.... ect.
It will look like this. Then make a teeny tiny hem at the bottom of the sleeve.
Can you see it???? It is a very tiny hem. your bodice pieces right sides together.
Like we did here. But only the back and neck line.
Then sew the sides together.
Once you turn it right side out it will look like this.
Front and back.
I did not finish the raw edges of the inside bodice. Because this will rarely get washed. If you want to please do.
O.K. am I making sense so far?? The heat is making me rummy.

Now hem up your rectangle, sides and bottom like so.
Ruffle or gather to suit. In this post  I show how
I do it.

Now sew this piece on the bodice (refer to prior post if needed). Here is what you have now. Topstich on bodice.
Now add some Velcro for a closure .
   I embellished with some pretty trim.
Now to sew the shorts, do it just like we did britches in this post.
The only thing different we are doing here is adding elastic to the leg openings.

Make a casing by folding a 1/4 inch then a 1/2 inch hem and pressing. Top stitch leaving a space to insert elastic.
Insert elastic to fit doll and close openings..
Ta Done. Little Britches Panties.
If you want little bloomers like these.You need to first make a tiny hem on the legs and add elastic with a zig zag stitch before sewing the crotch. Great tutorial for bloomers here.

This is the little bloomers and dress with long sleeves. To make the sleeves longer just ad 2" to 4" inches of length on the template.

I have almost clothed all the Nakey's in the house.
My next and last post in this project will be a" 2 dresses in 1" sun dress.
If you want to make a matching one for the girl in your life. You can get a child's size pattern here. I made these for my girlie's. I will post a template for the doll size in the next post.

Now off to put my head in the freezer!!
Have a Great Weekend!!

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