Friday, July 9, 2010

It is 108 degrees...Maybe Nakey is a good thing??

Oh! my gosh it is hot today. I wanna be a nakey baby.... trust me, I am the only one that would like that.
In today's post we will be using the templates from the this post .
And following most of the same instructions. We will just tweek them a bit to make a couple more outfits.
 Adding some sleeves to the bodice. And making some panties.
For this first one. Cut 2 each of shorts, bodice and sleeve. And one 5"x20" rectangle.

We are going to sew the sleeves to 1 of the bodice cuts.

With right sides together sew each sleeve to the bodice. Just sew a few stitches then turn.... ect.
It will look like this. Then make a teeny tiny hem at the bottom of the sleeve.
Can you see it???? It is a very tiny hem. your bodice pieces right sides together.
Like we did here. But only the back and neck line.
Then sew the sides together.
Once you turn it right side out it will look like this.
Front and back.
I did not finish the raw edges of the inside bodice. Because this will rarely get washed. If you want to please do.
O.K. am I making sense so far?? The heat is making me rummy.

Now hem up your rectangle, sides and bottom like so.
Ruffle or gather to suit. In this post  I show how
I do it.

Now sew this piece on the bodice (refer to prior post if needed). Here is what you have now. Topstich on bodice.
Now add some Velcro for a closure .
   I embellished with some pretty trim.
Now to sew the shorts, do it just like we did britches in this post.
The only thing different we are doing here is adding elastic to the leg openings.

Make a casing by folding a 1/4 inch then a 1/2 inch hem and pressing. Top stitch leaving a space to insert elastic.
Insert elastic to fit doll and close openings..
Ta Done. Little Britches Panties.
If you want little bloomers like these.You need to first make a tiny hem on the legs and add elastic with a zig zag stitch before sewing the crotch. Great tutorial for bloomers here.

This is the little bloomers and dress with long sleeves. To make the sleeves longer just ad 2" to 4" inches of length on the template.

I have almost clothed all the Nakey's in the house.
My next and last post in this project will be a" 2 dresses in 1" sun dress.
If you want to make a matching one for the girl in your life. You can get a child's size pattern here. I made these for my girlie's. I will post a template for the doll size in the next post.

Now off to put my head in the freezer!!
Have a Great Weekend!!

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  1. these little clothes are so cute! I will be bookmarking them for when I have a little girl!

  2. just remember - nakey behinds sunburn badly.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that pink calico print. Every year I say I am going to make something for my daughter and I never do. Very cute! :)

  4. there isn't a template here for this one... of did i just miss it?

  5. where is the template for the dress with the sleeves