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More Outfits for "Nakey Baby" Part 1

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Hello Everyone,
Here are some more baby doll outfits .By using a Three basic templates (at the bottom of post) . You can make countless little outfits with these easy peasy pieces.I will show you an simple, no little hem," Baby Bodice" that can be a top or a dress, and it can have long, short or no sleeves. The " Lil' Britches" Can be shorts ,  pants, bloomers or panties .This is kind of a long post so we will do it in 2 parts. Bare with me it will be worth it...... I hope.

For the cute little striped number pictured above....
Print your templates.
Gather some fabric and a little elastic
The Lil' Britches template will print as shorts. To make pants just lengthen 3 inches or more inches as needed.
Like this...

Layout like this.

Cut 2 of bodice and  pants. Then cut a rectangle that is 31/2"x20" inches
 Now let us sew. Stitch bodice pieces right sides together. This is a little tricky, I hope this makes sense.
you will sew starting at the bottom of the back, then up to the neck line and back down the other side of the back.
Then sew around the curve both arm openings. Leaving the sides and bottoms un-sewn.

Now turn it right side out: By attaching a safety pin to one side of the back of bodice and feeding it through what will be the shoulder it will be turned right side out. Do it again on the other side.

Press bodice after turning. Easy huh? and no itty bitty hems.

Now it is time to sew the sides together.
Open sides like this.
Open both front and back sides, Pinch  right sides together and sew. Then press.
Now you have a bodice that is ready to add a ruffle.
Fold the 3 1/2" x 20" rectangle in half , right sides together and sew ends. Turn inside out and press.
Use ruffling instructions here. Or use your favorite way to ruffle. ( you can cheat here and use lace or a trim)

Pin to front side of bodice and sew

Fold ruffle down press. Top stitch along ruffle line on bodice
Add closure of your choice. I like Velcro . Little snaps would be sweet.

Tip: If you want to make this a dress. Just cut a 5"x20" rectangle of fabric, hem one end and both sides .Sew on instead of ruffle.      For the dress below I also added lace.

Now for some Britches
With right sides together. Sew curved seams front and back.
Open the pant and align seams. Now sew legs/crotch . Turn right side out. Hem legs. Fold over waist, iron 1/4 inch . Fold over again  3/4 inch. Iron & sew for elastic casing.Don't forget to leave a 1" space open to insert elastic. Size elastic to baby doll, insert in casing. Ta da !!! Britches done.

                                                                     Next Friday
              In the Next Post we will ad sleeves and make bloomers/panties.  Like in these outfits.
Note:  I have now made about 10 outfits and a half dozen diapers for this project. Also some blankets. My nakey babies are nakey no more.I will be sharing more posts later.  One interesting thing I have realized is I use these same techniques sewing clothes for my girls. I have had a lot of ladies say to me. I quilt , but sewing clothes seems hard or not worth the time. For me I have been sewing clothes way longer than quilts. If you haven't sewn kids clothes before this is a great way to play around and see if you like it.  If you want to try making matching kid/doll outfits. Find a kids simple sewing pattern that has a bodice, sleeve and pant pattern pieces and sew up like these doll clothes. Your kid will be so happy.It will be very rewarding...I promise.

Short/Pant Pin It


  1. this is so cute! thanks for sharing! I plan to do some doll clothes this month - and I';; use your guides for sure! Thanks so much!

  2. Love love love these outfits! I've been searching for just such patterns for the two nakey babies in our house. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to next Friday!

  3. I have 2 of these odd fat baby's which came with little or ill fitting clothes the sleeveless dress is similar to dress's I have been making for my 2 year old so I am sure she will love for her nakey baby to have a matching dress :D thanks for sharing!

    PS the templates are labeled backwards but I figured it out ;)

  4. @ForTheLove Thanks for the info!! I fixed the links.
    I think Girls and dolls with matching dresses is soooo cute!

  5. Thank you so much for the gorgeous patterns! I couldn't get my printer to print them out to the right size so I finally just taped parchment paper over my screen and traced out the patterns.
    I am going to have so much fun with these patterns!

  6. Thank you for the gorgeous patterns, I am going to have so much fun sewing these up.
    I couldn't get my printer to print out the patterns to the right size so I finally just taped parchment paper over my screen and traced them out.

  7. i am a beginner sewer and i love these outfits - my baby is 14inches so what percent should i print these out at?

  8. Thanks for sharing this amazing outfits! I hope to give it a try soon but im afraid i might do this all by hand since I'm not that good with sewing machine.. love them~

  9. Thanks so much for the great tutorial! I quilt just a little--only straight seams, etc. & make Pillowcase dresses for my granddaughters. I really want to give their baby dolls a wardrobe for Christmas! Question: what size doll does this pattern fit? Thank you so much!
    Gwen Bentley

  10. Hello Gwen,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!!! The dolls that we sewed for were 14 and 15 inches long. My daughters have used the clothes on teddy bears and stuffed cats too !!! The little wrap dress also fits as a "American Girl" size doll. I hope this helps! Would love to see some pics of your clothes on the flickr page!! Have a great day!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your patterns! We have a Berenguer doll, and I'll have to try to make some of your outfits!

  12. Hi, have just found your site and wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your fantastic patterns. I have only boys myself so no baby doll clothes needed, but now have a little niece who has a "nakey" baby and she is just going to be so thrilled when she opens her present of lots of clothes for be beloved doll. Thanks so much !!!!!!!!

  13. Thanks for creating the helpful tutorials. I keep going between my machine and computer. Did you ever make a tutorial for the bloomers at the bottom of this post? I've looked but I couldn't find anything?
    Thanks again for sharing your love of sewing. I just completed my first baby doll shirt with the help of this post.

  14. You can delete my last post. I found the tutorial. I guess I didn't look hard enough. Pregnancy brain is hitting me hard.
    Thanks again!

  15. Привет Всем !!

  16. Thank so much! I too, have a "nakey baby"! I'm in a bit of a different situ, I'm not Gramma and I don't have little ones...but there a multiples of poor children that I want to reach out to in some manner, blankets, quilts, no "nakey babies" because I can now clothe them! I'm taking your kindness and plan to pass it on. Bless you!

  17. thanks so much for sharing your patterns and tutorials. i used them to make a little wardrobe for the rag doll i'm making for a friend's granddaughter and everything has turned out super cute. can't wait to hand them over. :)

  18. i've been having so much fun designing baby doll clothes for my granddaughter. thanks so much for the patterns and tutorials. i have been sewing for about 45 years. i didn't keep the patterns i had when i sewed for my daughter's dolls 25 yrs ago. because of you, i didn't need to buy new ones! yay!

  19. Just so you know your template does not say where to place it on the fold. After cutting out the paaterns and attempting to so the bodice together I realized I should have cut on a fold. I'm not new to sewing but I'm not an expert either.... but I do know that the pattern should always say when & where to cut on a fold! HEADS UP to any future sewers who print out this pattern! It''l say you LOTS of time & fabric!!

  20. Where did you get your baby would love to get one

  21. Thank you soooooo much for these! I have been searching for a good printable pattern

  22. I bought this baby a dozen or more years ago at local toy store. I have no clue how to find another. I thinks she is cute! I have had a lot of comments on pinterest about her being scary/ugly :(
    So happy someone else likes her!!!!

  23. I too LOVED your baby! They are called Lots to Love and believe it or not, K-Mart carried them last Christmas! My daughter gave me one that is similar to yours (only not identical) for Christmas last year. Mine has a "bent" arm so she can suck her thumb if you move her arm just right. She came dressed in a short romper in a baby carrier and was under $25. Look up the website---they have several different babies and is my understanding you can't choose which one you want--they just send you one. I hope I'm wrong on this! Also have made her a layette from altered 15" (she's shorter) baby patterns BUT not one of them are as cute as the ones I made from your patterns! Hope this info helps someone. Kudos for darling duds!

  24. beverlys the fabric store has them. They are lots of love babies

  25. Thank you for the marvelous pattern and detailed tutorial! I just finished my first test dress and diaper. Now I can make a couple of adjustments and have lots of clothes.

  26. can you tell me where I can click to get the templates? I am new to this site