Thursday, July 29, 2010

My inner eight year old boy....

This summer has been a lesson in creative entertaining .
We are moving into a new house. So packing, planning and cleaning have replaced a summer vacation. And by packing up stuff that would otherwise be played with... I have been left with some very bored kids. In a attempt to entertain.. We have found some cute videos and by my surprise, my inner 8 year old boy.....I haven't seen him since I sold my dirt bike when I was 11. This is the guy what lured him out........

The kids and I have watched everyone of the orange's videos. I don't know why I like him......but I do.
And the girl's are smitten. Must be his citrus smile.

Another video my girly's love is this "Sweet" one.

Well, if you have some bored kiddos around your house maybe this will help.
One warning....The fruit does get cut up at the end of each annoying orange video.
Although it cracks me up.....might be harsh for the littlest viewers. Pin It


  1. I do understand about children being board with moving.. We just, this morning, had the moving trucks unloading our stuff (we own way too much)... I found out letting the children help pack their own stuff worked well for me... you should have seen them waiting patiently at the bottom of the moving truck waiting for "their" stuff to come into view.. lol

  2. hi from mesa :) just found you thru quilt bloggers! ~niki

  3. My kids are addicted to the Orange. They quote it constantly when we are eating the particular 'fruits' involved.