Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yup, there she goes...sitting on her butt again.


[kuhm-puhl-shuhn] Show IPA
1.  the act of compelling; constraint; coercion.
2.  the state or condition of being compelled.
3.  Psychology . a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act,( stitch things and sew hexagons) esp. one that is irrational or contrary to one's will.
I have a compulsion to sit on my keester and stitch things. I know should go for a run. I know I should fold that heap of laundry staring at me. Or maybe finish one of the 4 quilt tops I have in progress.
But I can not. 
I blame the blogs!!!!

Like this one or this one..but especially this one !!! That Texas Freckles went and made those Hexagons look so appealing. I just had to try one.Now, I've been had!!
After a couple of those little things of beauty were sewn up .I thought ....ooooo !!  wouldn't it be cute if I stitched a little something on linen for one, a mushroom maybe? a cupcake?  They just kept getting cuter.
It was as if they were calling me to sit down and make more of them.
Anyone out there suffering this very contagious disease???
Here are some pictures of the little guys...and some other stitchin' too.
1 inch Hexies


1 1/2 inch Hexies

Mushrooms on Linen

A Hedgie to Love

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  1. I know! I've been doing hexies for the One Flower Wednesday Group. But, I LOVE what you are doing with the 1/2" hexies! CUTE! This Summer I've been doing so much hand sewing, it is cutting in on my knitting!

  2. I love your hexies! I think your time is well spent. And the hedgehog is precious! :)

  3. omg! you just made me realize I have a COMPULSION too!!!!! and I'm totally blaming my blog and everybody else's blog too!!!! I know what you mean, that happened to me yesterday (and some days before yesterday), I had a pile of laundry to fold, but instead I sat down and started making some darn cute pants for my youngest daughter!!!! Don't you find yourself wanting to make something just to show on your blog???? augh! it happens to me!!!!!....btw I need to buy a chubby baby to make clothes for it.....

  4. Your embroidered hexies are just too cute!

    What are you going to do with the hexagons? I really like making them, but I don't think I want to venture into creating an entire quilt of hexagons...