Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh Man !!! That hurts....

So ...I haven't posted in a while. You wanna know why? Are you sure??
O.K. I was in the closet, after a shower, pulling on my knickers when I felt a stabbing pain in my lower back.That kind of pain that hurts so bad you feel like your body is on fire. I fell to my knees and screamed a little. My next thought was...I am buck naked with my panties half way up on my hands and knees on the floor. Wholly Crappers!!!
If I call for help, I know my kids will come running.See "the all of me" in ALL my glory and laugh like crazy.So, with all the might I pulled my self up, hiked up the unders,got sorta dressed and shuffled out to my bed.....Then screamed really loud.

Since that fateful morning. I have been well medicated and laying in bed.
I could have posted something.But it would not have made ANY sense.
Couldn't have been better timing. The big move to the new house starts tomorrow.
I think my hubby thinks I did it on purpose..LOL.
Wow, I wish I were faking it. It really hurts.
Anyone have any good advice for lower back pain??
My back has done this a couple times over the years ...Oh Man !! But never this bad.
I figure...if you can't put on your undies without throwing your back out. You better get back in shape....hehe.
If only I could sew and run on the treadmill at the same time......

I guess I will sign off for now. Hope to be back very soon!!! Pin It


  1. You poor thing!! I hope you're feeling better soon, and that the move goes okay. :)

  2. Ouch. I know that pain. Stretching and yoga always help when my back is tight, or I can't move. When all else fails I get a massage. Or, a few. I usually have back pain when I'm super busy and stressed, or when I "forget" to stretch pre and post exercise. I hope you feel MUCH better soon!

  3. Hope you feel better every day. And if you ever figure out how to make the treadmill power your sewing machine, please let me know! My trainer would love you.

  4. So sorry to hear about your back. I have similar problems in my lower back. So painful. Taking several short walks and not sitting or lying in one position seem to help. But my ailments may be completely different from yours. Glad your were able to get out of your awkward situation to call for help. I've had a few of those moments myself.

  5. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh,Ouch!!! Feel better soon! Good luck with the move :(

  7. I am sorry, I had to laugh at your description and the mental image...but so sorry for your pain, especially at such a fun time (well..lots of work) but moving to a new home is fun. Get better!!

  8. Oh my goodness girl, I know what you're going through. I picked up a half-ful basket and ruptured a disk in my back. I had surgery a year and a half ago. You really need to get that back checked out. I have degenerative arthritis and you might also.

    Hugs XX

  9. You said hubby thinks you did this on purpose...if you didn't, you should have! Moving is bad, bad work! Now to get serious...I'm sorry you're feeling bad and I hope you're better soon.

  10. Oh you poor girl! Take care of yourself and stay in bed, highly medicated. Ignore your husband and if you can't ignore him are you strong enough to throw a vase or something at him?? Just checking..... all the best and wishing you a speedy recovery and fabulous aim.

  11. oh My goodness !
    well I hope you are recovered by now. & that hubby , family & friends have you all moved & settled :_)
    (I hope you were the supervisor in charge on moving day :-)

  12. Hello! I featured you on my craft blog! :) Oh and be sure to "follow" me!

  13. So sorry about your back! Hope you're feeling well soon!

    Also, I looked over your blog for an e-mail, but couldn't find one, so I'm leaving this little note for you here:

    I am pleased to present you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog is one that I really enjoy reading and I wanted to share this little something with you. You can read more about the award here: If you choose not to accept, I will not be offended at all, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time you spend blogging and sharing about lots of different things.

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    Thank you again, for making your blog such a nice place to hang out.

    xo –Elizabeth
    Such a Sew and Sew

  14. Hey! Just checking in -- how are you feeling?? I hope life is going okay. I miss your posts! :)

  15. Hello-
    I just wanted to check up on you and see how you doing? Are you feeling better?

  16. I just wanted to stop by and say that I hope you are feeling better. We've missed you!

  17. Lisa Cammack looking for my dear friend I've lost contact with. Are you her?

  18. same thing happens to me, I've done it cleaning my teeth and shaving my legs, I worked in a nursing home, didnt happen at work, because we lift and turn correctly allways aware of our backs, but at home we bend the wrong way, I go to bed with painkillers and a heat pack, walking around when able to, the worse thing to do is sit, visit a physiotherapist,they can help.