Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Buffalo Joe's

I love quick , easy, last minute meals. Sloppy Joe's..... the easiest.
With this huge family and our crazy schedules..... We need quick and easy a lot!! I made these amazing sloppy joe's last night. Thought y'all might wanna give them a try. If you like buffalo chicken wings.You will LOVE these. Best part ...under 30 minutes to complete. Faster than drive through. And I dare say.......yummier!!

Here's what I used.... But let's face it I cook for 4 teenagers, 3 kids, Myself and the hubs. Oh, and any other teen that pops in!!! And funny how they all know when it's dinner time.......

Buffalo Sloppy Joe's

3 lbs.  ground chicken breast
1 32 oz. once can of crushed tomatoes
1 cup or so of chicken broth
2 T. butter
Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
Asst. cheeses
Buns (sour dough is best if you can find them)

1. Fry ground chicken

2. Add tomatoes, butter  and broth (enough broth that it looks very sloppy). Then add Frank's. We used a 1/2 bottle .We like it hot. You can always add more or less to taste.
3. Cook until thickened on medium. About 15 to 20 minutes.
4.Build amazing Joe. Using thinly sliced celery and blue cheese crumbles.

5. Eat!! It is that easy!!!

Notes: I served the joe's with assorted cheeses and veggies with ranch. The Hubs likes pepper jack cheese and a ranch drizzle. My daughter prefers swiss and mayo. All super yummy!!!

I hope you Love these!!! We sure do!!!!

Update: Okay so........ I was a teensy weensy hungry this afternoon. Opened up the fridge and saw the leftover buffalo joe meat from last night and a head of lettuce. Oh Man!!!! Best lettuce wrap ever!!!
Warmed the meat, rolled in lettuce leaf.
No Carb lunch for me!!!! 

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