Saturday, April 14, 2012

Smoothie Week!!!

Hello Friends!!

I have a great tip for y'all this week!!  Did you know a mason jar fits on your blender ?!?!?!?!
OMGoodness, this changes my world.

Since this is testing week for my kiddos .......I really want them to have a fun nutritious breakfast!! (oh, cuz I know their teachers will ask!! ) And I have the "I am super lazy in the morning disease"!!
So here is what I did!!
I gathered up my mason jars, lids and caps.
Grabbed some fruits, frozen yogurt and sherbet.
Snagged a quart of greek yogurt for protein ( Chobani is my fave)

 And away I went...

 Filled jars with fresh bananas and strawberries,

Added a scoop of frozen yogurt and a couple spoons of    Chobani vanilla in half the jars, 

 Capped those and put in freezer.       
 BTW, I used 16 oz. for the teens and 8 oz for the littles.

In the other half of the jars I used sherbet. Added a few frozen blueberries to some. Gotta mix it up a bit.

 And there you have it....A freezer full of goodness!!!!

When your ready to drink....... pull jar out of freezer, let thaw a little ..while getting dressed ect. or pop in micro for a bit..... add milk of juice. 
 Screw blade assembly on jar and blend away until smooth.

And Voila'!!!!    Super yummy, sorta healthy smoothie....

Oh the possibilities!!!! 

Have a fantastic day,

P.S. This is great for the athletic types. You can add protein powder with the liquid. Or, for the dieters more fruit and just the greek yogurt. Have fun!!
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  1. hI!
    doesen't it spill everywhere, when it's removed from the blender?

  2. Hi Sue,
    No it doesn't spill. The blade assembly screws on tight to the jar.
    I also use this method for salad dressings and all sorts of messy stuff. Just make sure that it screws tight.

  3. Hi, I'm Connie at, I'm a new GFC friend. I would love if you stop by and be mine, too.
    OMG, these look fantastic. I was wondering why you were making so many, then hah, I on your profile, 8 kiddos. I bet they love these. Thank you for sharing.