Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Slow Down........

Summer around here is about slowing down. It gets so crazy throughout the school year with everyones activities, sports and everything else demanding. Summer gives me a chance to bring all my little birds back to the nest and remind them the most important thing in life is Love&Family!!! 

We craft, sew and read together, A lot of movies and popcorn, baking and oodles of cooking together. Anything to keep the close to me .....I only have them each for 18 years. Soooooo not enough :)

This week being 115 degrees outside. Indoor fun it was. Summer forts are a big right of passage around here. So we decided to build a little plat tent. I think it turned out cute. And the girlies LOVE it. They have read, slept, played dolls and watched old movies in it.  Big points for MOM!!! Which are payed in smiles and hugs. My favorite form of payment.

These are the inspiration...

From Cakies......

From a google search......

 And what we built....

By day...................

I used dowels top and bottom to give it a ruched look.

Lights and doors.........

At  Night..........

It went together pretty fast.  4-2x1's, 3 dowels all 6 foot. And 3 king flat sheets.
I made velcro tabs to attach the doors and the back. That by far took the longest. 
Still all in all......maybe 3 hours to build and add cover.  Most of that was waiting for stain to dry. Then about 2 hours of sewing. Only because I wanted doors and a back. Not needed really.

So project one done of ......Slowing down summer. 
I wonder what's next.

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  1. Oh I love it!! What a fun place to read or nap or just dream! I bet the kids are clamoring for one, now. LOL!!! J/K! :)

  2. I sent this to my daughters to look at. It is so cute. The each have toddlers that love to hide in tents. Thanks for sharing.

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