Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Story......

This is a story that will give you a giggle, a warning, and a unsolicited product review.

Here goes.
  A few weeks ago when I was working on the quilt bags. I was at the point of putting them on the quilting frame and quilting. I quilted the white one first so if I messed up, there would be less chance of noticing.  About 3 hours later it was done. I took a break and decided to finish up the black one the following day.
  Well, it turned out to be "One of THOSE days"  I was tired and anxious. But I really wanted to finish these up. I remembered reading on a blog one time that a glass of wine and a couple pieces of chocolate would help relax you......tense quilter, frustrated quilt she said... Seemed like pretty sage advice right about then. So, I poured a nice big glass of my favorite red......popped a couple pieces of dove promises. And away I went. 
I was humming along beautifully. The wine was amazing, the chocolates were tasty, the quilting was looking great, and I had the Kings of Leon piping through my ears with the greatest invention ever......the Ipod. 
It was going so well in fact......I flew though all the bobbins I had pre-wound. I took a break. Indulged in another glass, a couple more chocolates then wound some more bobbins. When I was done. I plugged a new bobbin in the ol' Viking. And started sewing again. Not noticing that I had set my glass on top of the frame while I had been winding bobbins........ Yup, you guessed it. Big glass of Red Zinfandel plopped right over onto the quilt.
Being that I was feeling pretty "happy" due to my relaxation methods. I didn't freak out a bit. I cleaned what I could with a towel. And finished it up. 

At about the time I had stitched my last stitch..... My daughter Brontë got home from a date. She officially issued my a SWI (sewing while intoxicated), laughed hysterically, told the rest of the family that was still awake at almost midnight..... then fed me a much needed snack. {smiles}
I went to bed soon after.

Upon awaking the next day, with the glare of the morning sun, I saw the result of my misadventure. A huge reddish-purple stain on an otherwise beautifully done quilt. UUUHHHGGG!!! 

 A million worst case  scenarios through my head. Like, my 6 year old that the quilt was designed for/with ......seeing it and saying " You were doing WHAT?  That is WHAT on my quilt?" Or, maybe she takes it for show and tell....and TELLS!!!
This called for some planning.... I concealed my crime while I sewed on the binding. I do this by hand. It took skills.
 Then when the binding was done I tossed it in the laundry tub filled with with cold water and a cup of.......
Here comes the product review..............
And this amazing stuff!!!!!!

Saved my keister !!! Yes it did!!
I let it soak for maybe 30 minutes ....threw it in the wash and voilà !! Stain gone!! Hallelujah !!!
I vowed not to speak of it again......But, then again funny right????

I hope you got a giggle out of my little misadventure.
And this product I am raving about is awesome. 
For the warning. Don't drink and sew!!! 
Just kidding....only drink white wine while you sew. And only 1 glass!!!
Have a great day!!!

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