Friday, July 20, 2012

American Girl Doll got Shorts....

                     Shorts and a off the shoulder top !!!

I used a "Nakey Baby " Peasant top pattern from this post

And a Free pants pattern from Milo Mila.

The shirt was a little tricky but the shorts took 10 min. 
Little Miss loves her dolls new outfit!!!

Here goes a quick tutorial.

Cut front and back pieces from the peasant top pattern. You will only need to cut 1 sleeve. I cut the front and back one inch longer for the AG doll.

Sew on the 1 sleeve. (Directions in the Nakey Baby Post.) Then slice a line from both front and back like shown. I just eyeballed it. Then sew the side seam under the sleeve.

  I cut a 1 1/2 inch wide piece of fabric long enough to wrap the entine neck line. Ruffled it a little.
then hemed it .

..........with a itty bitty hem.

Here is where it got tricky.... I sewed the ruffle on the neck line.Right side of ruffle to wrong side of neck line. Sorry, I don't have a pic of these steps....I was busy cursing a little. Anyway,
you turn the ruffle to the front and iron. Once that is done, sew a casing 1/4 inch from the neckline. Insert elastic and tighten up until it looks like it will fit the doll your working with. Then sew up the other side seam. That will also secure your elastic. Hem your top and your done.

                                                              Now for the shorts. 

I had some jean pant legs lying around from making cut offs for summer.
I though they would make great doll shorts.

One seasons pants. Make the next seasons shorts......and shorts for the doll :)

Download and print the pants pattern.
Cut both pant legs open leaving the best looking (usually the outer) seam in the center.
Lay wrong sides together.

Lay the pattern on the old pant legs like shown.
Using the hem of the pant legs for the hem of the doll shorts. Nice short cut right? Pardon the pun.
Follow sewing instructions for the doll pans. And there you have it.......10 minute doll shorts.

So there you have it ...a quickie AG dolly outfit.

Now on to a matching top for the owner of this dolly.

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