Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fluffs for Faces...........

   Got Scraps? Maybe a random charm pack lying around?

Great, Here is a plan. Face Fluffs!!
What is a Face Fluff you ask? Well it is a alternative to that harsh wash cloth you wash your face with. With all the sensitive teen and preteen complexions we have around here they are a perfect fit!!
They are so soft and scrumptious ......we will never go back to the old wash cloth.

What to make some?

First you are going to need some fabric scraps. I cut 6 inch squares. But 5 inch charms will work also.
Then you will need some cotton batting Warm and Natural. Again, cut in squares, the size of your fabric. Here is the only special fabric you will need. cotton knit sherpa. I have a few yards lying around from my diaper making days. (Finally found a great reason to use it up). You can buy it at Nature's fabric , DiaperFab  , Diaper Cuts  and there is always listings on Ebay and Etsy.
I love sherpa!!! It is sooooooo soft!!
You can also use soft cotton interlock or stretch terry. I used it before, it is not as soft....But still works well. The knit is important because it stretches in the wash and releases stains and dirt better than woven. Whatever you use....cut it in squares also.

Okay, Everything cut in squares???
Let's go......

You are going to lay down a layer of batting, then a square of sherpa/interlock soft side up. Then your pretty fabric , pretty side facing down toward the fluffy side of your sherpa/interlock.
Very Important. Sandwich your knit between the woven and the batting!!! 
That way it won't get stretched out of shape while you sew.

Sew a seam all around the edge. Leaving an 1 1/2 inches un-sewn for turning inside out. Make sure you turn just between the woven and the knit. Leaving the batting in the middle.

Sew up a bunch ...because you will love them :)

You can sew all around the edge to close the opening and finish the square. On some I did this.....and on others I just sewed the hole shut. I think by just closing the hole makes it looks puffier.....I think it's a preference.

I sewed a little detail on each of fabrics to make it quilty soft and pretty.
This also keeps the batting from shifting in the wash. You can sew just an x or straight lines.

Here is one done by just closing the opening. A little puffier look.

Doesn't that Sherpa look scrumptious ??

All the pretties..........

This is a basket full of Fluffs!! 

 I am putting this one by the girls sink. Enough for a whole week of  super soft skin cleansing. I also am hanging a lingerie/laundry bag on the doorknob of their bathroom.They can just toss in the dirties. So, on laundry day I can grab the bag. Toss it in the sink, give it a soak. A little vinegar in the soak will get rid of any icky. Then in the wash.
I don't even have to fold them...Just stack and stuff in the basket.


If you want to  use little scraps and get really creative.... you could make little 6 inch quilt blocks , string blocks would be cute.
I think a stack of these for a preteen girlie would be a nice gift. With a drawstring bag and a bottle of gentle face wash. She would be getting a great gift that will promote good daily habits...... And they are Pretty!!! 
They also make excellent baby wash clothes. Teacher gift??? I can think of a hundred ways to gift them. 

Don't want to sew some.....
That's okay. I will list some on my Etsy Shop for ya !!! 
If they are not listed shoot me a email. I sew to please :)

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  1. This is a great and easy idea. I have a Blog Hop, and I would love it if you would link this post. You can find it at
    It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  2. would fleece work for this? i have a bunch and it is so soft!

  3. Loretta,
    I believe fleece will work. Back in the diaper days ..... we used fleece for the diapers. Soft on the bums. It really holds the water. My only concern would be It might suck it up and not get it back on your face. But I would give it a go. Please let us know how it turns out.

  4. KCoake has left a new comment on your post "Fluffs for Faces...........":

    Love this idea! I am pinning it. Probably going to make some for us and may make some as gifts...maybe for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the great idea. Have you ever made them a little bigger to use as a washcloth? Is there anything special about washing these like there is with cloth diapers (since that is the material you are using).
    Thanks so much!

  5. Thank You so much for the complement And very much for the pin!!!!
    I have made them bigger, to use as baby wipes. I didn't use the batting though. So if you do make larger ones. I would skip the batting....or quilt/stitch it more. You don't want it to come loose in the cloth.
    As for washing instructions. Vinegar get rid of icky germs. And I wouldn't use fabric softener. It really takes the life out of them. And they won't be as absorbent.
    I hope that helps,
    Have a great day!!

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  7. Those are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  8. This is another great idea!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks for visiting my post of sherpa kitchen towels !! I have some sherpa scraps and you just gave me a great idea of what to use them for! Your face cloths are so cute and practical and I love how you did some top stitching by following the design on the fabric. Also a great idea I plan on using in the future! Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  10. I looove these. Do you think it would work as a makeup puff?