Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thanks Girls

I want to say Thank You to my girls. And give a little introduction.
My delightful and talented teenage girls helped me update the blog.
What do you think?
My daughter Brontë created the header and my daughter Brooke( a.k.a SuperGirl) created the social network icons. 
They both took graphics design classes last year at their High School. Obviously a class with some real world applications. I am amazed at how quick they both work in photoshop.
I wish I could... I wish I could!

To put some faces to the names....

May I introduce Brontë 

 And this is Brooke !

I think you might be seeing more of them here at the moon. They are crazy creative!! 
They are both working on projects right now!!

I hope everyone enjoys what is here now. And what's to come. It took a long time to get back into the swing of things around here. But we are busy beavers now!!! Pin It


  1. The blog looks great and your girls are beautiful.

  2. Thank You Bailey!! I love hearing that!!!

  3. Yay!! Lovely girls and very talented, too! :)