Sunday, September 23, 2012

Broken Bark and Dishes......

Sounds like a party in the woods..........

But, it is just my finished quilt. Finally!!!!!

I think this is the first quilt that I have made, where I took pictures all through the process.
Thank you instagram.

I knew when I started this one, it was for me. My bedroom is dark woods, deep caramel walls and lavender bedding. 
 So, I chose fabrics that were bright and dark at the same time. And had all my colors in it.
I went with......
Heirloom by Joel Dewberry (the ruby palette)
And Bark from his Aviary collection

Since, I am not much for a quilt pattern or even a plan........
I just started playing. 

I came up with the block....

And then played with it some more.....

Had a beverage......... in a mason jar, of course!!

Then sewed a whole bunch!

Sewed it together. Made the binding.....

Thought about a border..... Couldn't decide. So, I skipped it. Pieced the back.

Then quilted it together.  Put the binding on.....
Can you see my squiggly machine quilting? I just loved how it turned out:)

And now..... I have a quilt. Just for me!! :)

Here are a few more pics of my finished baby!!!

 A little shady......

  A moment in the sun.......

 Showing off her backside.....

 Some time just hanging around.....

And a pic of my assistant Brie. Always there with a lint roller, a free hand, and a smile.

Well.......... finishing a quilt is a bittersweet. 
I love that it's done. But, now to begin again. 

I haven' the foggiest idea what my next quilt will be right now. Maybe, I will finish some UFO's..............Hmmmmm.

Hugs and Happy Sewing!!!!

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  1. I *love* it! And your quilting is marvelous, especially from her 'back side'! The colors are really lovely -- rich and luxurious! This is a fun finish -- congrats!!! :)

    1. Thank You Denise !!! I gotta say.....I like her backside best. That's what they used to say about me, Awe, But I regress:)

  2. What wonderful colors and I agree with Denise even the backside is a treat to the eyes. Your room is so lucky.

    1. Thanks so much Mara. My room does feel lucky.....but now, wants pillows!!

  3. Check out this pin it win it contest
    I will re-pin yours if you re-pin mine on Pinterest.

  4. Wow. Gorgeous. I love the bark fabrics you've used. That's really awesome. Great job.

    1. Thank VickiT, Bark is my favorite fabric right now!! I really appreciate your sweet comment!

  5. LOVE the color combination!! SOOOOO pretty!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  6. This quilt is absoltely stunning / love the pattern and the colors ...and the quilting itself is gorgeous!