Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing with Pictures.......

I love taking pictures. I am not great at it, but I try. 
Lately it seems like the harder I try....
The more discouraged I get. Before the digital revolution. 
I took a million pictures, developed them. Chose a couple photos out of the  pack and put them in a album.
Done!   Now, my life of photos has become quite different. 
I take 2 million pictures....look at them in iphoto. 
I think to they just seem so BLAH!!!! 
 So, then I get discouraged and yell for Bronte. 
She will pic a few photos and say, "These are great Mom." With that sweet look in her eye that says....aren't you sweet for trying mom. I recognize that look because it is the same one I gave her.... when she was little and 
I was still better at things that her.... 
In this realm, she is superior!! 

Well, I am done feeling sorry for myself!!!

I decided to teach myself a couple things. 
(I can't face that look from Bronte again!!! )
One of the things I decided to learn was how to develop photos in some post processing programs. 
I had pretty low expectations for myself. 
But, I am here to say..... I think I got this!!!!

I first played with Photoshop.... I love Photoshop. I am just barely at a beginner level.  It is a slight bit over my head. 
I did understand and love the using the Actions option in Photoshop. There are TONS of free Actions downloads out there in internet land. And easy to understand instructions.

With my learning curve being a bit of a disability.......

Next, I tried Aperture. I found it super easy and really fun. In Aperture you can use Presets. To adjust your photos. And again there are tons of free downloads out there. Making aperture the easiest to pic up and run with.

Being the curious one.... I had to try Lightroom
I LOVE IT !!!!! It is slightly more complicated than Aperture. But, way more beginner friendly than Photoshop. And yet again.......tons of free Presets downloads.

You want to see what this 45 year old barely computer friendly lady taught herself ? 
Please keep in mind.... I am just a newbie.
 And, I learned everything on my own with just the google machine! It amazes me what you can teach yourself with just a little gumption and the internet! Am I right?

Before / After
 This is a photo of Brooke. Great pic..... But with a little help from Aperture. Better!

 This is a picture I took of Ben. 
I like the original photo (center). I caught some sun rays and sun spots, along with his super cute smile. 
It really did shine more in the Lightroom fix (left). 
The Aperture fix(right) has a great modern vintage feel........
If that makes any sense.

 I took this pic of Brie while out shooting the Mason Jar Cozy. Just a quick spontaneous shot. This one was done with Photoshop actions. I love the golden highlights!!!

I know this probably sounds crazy..... 
This is one of my favorite pictures of Ben. He was just staring off into space. I took it without him even really knowing. 
Something about the fact that it is so candid.
 I can feel him in this one. Crazy I know!!!!
I adjusted it in Lightroom
I think by taking out the color ... it focuses on him and the elements around him that I loved. The bricks, parking meters and sun rays. But loses the fray. Like the patrons in the far back. I was also able to sharpen up his face and remove some shadows.
(FYI if you click on the photos they get bigger :) )

Isn't this one a hoot!! 
Brie always has a smile on her face. 
But in this pic that Bronte took. She looks all tough and stuff. Since she looked like a little skater kid..... I wanted to give this pic a old school california dog town feel. 
I think I nailed it!! 

I guess I have learned a couple things.
 I feel way more energized to go out there
 and take some photos!!! 
I may be an old dog....but, I can still learn a new trick or two.

If you are more experienced at this I would LOVE some tips!!!
If you wanna try it like me .... 
I found this free program that can get you started.

I got lucky when I bought my Mac. 
It was loaded with all this cool stuff. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Even though there wasn't any fabric or food involved......

Have a great week guys!!

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  1. LOVE all the photo edits!! I ADORE the candid shot of your son!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  2. Oooh--I recently upgraded to a newer version of Photoshop Essentials. It came with a trial version of Lightroom. I'll have to play with that.