Sunday, October 7, 2012

It Was A Ugly Weekend.............

Well, I thought I was going to get a lot of 
sewing done this weekend. 
Turns out.....not sew much! 
Well, not the sewing I thought I was going to get to anyway. 
I did make a cute softie for a little girl's birthday. 
Bridgitt the 7 year old informed me that shopping was not an option. She wanted to give her friend something sewn. 
An Ugly Softie......... (shhhhhh... ugly doll knock off...). 
It was so ugly I thought I had better cute it up a bit. A tutu and a heart on the booty did the trick.........

We have been making these for the
 kids friends for a while now. 
I love how fabric and stuffing becomes cherished friends.

Bridgitt was excited to give this little creature away! 
Yes....she is always this smiley!!!

Here are some other friends created over the years.........
If you have never sewn a friend..... Do it!! 
It is fun!

 A Bunch of ugly........


 Kitty Fish...........

 Owls by Bronte........


 Max by Brooke.........

Love Ninja by Brooke..........

Ugly for Ben's Girlfriend..........

I love them all !!!!!

I have to say I have so many UFO's around here.......... I really need to get'er done!!!

If I could keep myself from Pinterest and Instagram for a day or two it might help!! LOL

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!!!!

May the following week be productive for all.....

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  1. These are really cute and a big thumbs up for your daughter wanting to make a gift for her friend!

  2. Oh my goodness! The tutu was such a cute addition!!

  3. What fun these are -- and not ugly at all! (Well, for the most part -- LOL!) These look like they'd been fun to make for grandchildren...hmmm . . . !!!! :)

  4. I love these uglies!!! I want one. Do you use a pattern? (and a heart on some booty and a shiny tutu screams perfect little girl present)

  5. Keitheina, I absolutely love your blog and everything in it. Only, I have a big problem with me, I'm sure.
    My computer kept kicking me off your site, all day and night yesterday. It still will not let me print off your site. I really, really would like to have the pictures of the Ugly Softies. They are absolutely adorable. I make dolls for abused and Foster girls. I just know that they would Love these. And they would not take me so much time, so I could make more. I got a big smile with the one with the tutu and heart on her butt. You are so very talented.

  6. I did not want my email unsubscribed from this post. I just found your blog and Love it.
    My comment was "Could I Please have pictures of your Ugly Softie's because I make
    dolls for abused girls and girls in our Foster system, here in Oregon, USA. I am sure I
    can make similar ones from your pictures and make a lot more than the current pattern I
    am using. If you have a pattern for sale, I will be more than willing to buy them.
    You do absolutely wonderful work. I just can not get it to print off my computer. Maybe,
    you do not want people to. That is perfectly fine. Please know that I was not trying to
    get something for nothing. Your time is valuable. My apologies, Cathe