Nakey Baby ( doll clothes)

UPDATE: Nakey Baby templates are now available for sale to print on my shop!! I am not blogging anymore. But I want to still offer this Project. Tutorials can be found followed here and Templates are $4 from my etsy store. Just go to the store tab on the top of my page. Please enjoy making these clothes! Make a few extra for charity. Let's cloth all those Nakey Babies Everywhere!!

 Welcome to the Nakey Baby Project! 
I am so glad you are here. 
I started this little project so that I could get all 
the nakey baby dolls in my life....clothed !!! 
With six daughters, we have welcomed quit a few baby dolls into our home. Funny how they never stayed completely dressed for long.
I am happy to say ..... they have lots of clothes now :)
I hope you find some inspiration here. Then You can dress some Nakey Babies in your life. 

By clicking on the groups below...... you will be taken to the posts with instructions/tutorials and patterns. Enjoy !!!!

Nappy/Diaper and Peasant Top

Outfit and Dress from 3 easy pieces

Another Dress and Bloomers

2 Dresses in 1 

American Girl Jeans and Off the Shoulder Top

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  1. I love your little Doll Clothes...

  2. Thanks for this wonderful tutorials! ~kimberlee

  3. I've not come across nakey baby in England but i'm looking for patterns to clothe my niece's yum yum baby doll which is about 15 inches tall and 10.5 inches around belly. Would the nakey baby clothes fit my doll or will i need to adjust the patterns? thanks

  4. Can you tell me what size this doll is? My daughter has a 14" Disney Princess doll that I want to make some clothes for and I love these patterns but aren't sure if the sizing is right.

  5. I featured this at Sinful Sewing & Sweets as part of my 30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas. Check it out at
    Thanks for the cute patterns, I love the name Nakey Baby Project!

  6. I have just come across this posting about baby doll clothing, I am trying to make clothes for my 7 month old daughters baby stella doll, and was wondering if these would work. I am defiantly going to make the diapers because those will fit. Thanks.

  7. I just recently have come across this posting. I am trying to make clothes for my 7 month old daughters baby stella doll, and was wondering if these would work? I'm sure she won't be able to change her clothes right away but this way if she gets it dirty I can change them for her. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful ideas for our naked babies :-D

    And Nicole, Im also doing this clothes for my daughters baby stella doll, and Im almost sure this will fit her right.


  9. Thank you so much for sharing these fun patterns. I'm having a great time with them and so are my dear granddaughters.
    Like potato chips......I'm wanting more!! LOL

  10. I think these are adorable and plan to make some for my rescued nakey dolls. Thanks

  11. Thanks for sharing. These little outfits are so cute....And quick and easy, too.

  12. The outfits are super and very cute. But what an unpleasant expression on the dolls face.

    1. Awww, I was thinking this little baby doll had one of the cuter faces I've seen! More realistic, like a younger baby with a chubby-cheeked drooly mouth. We all have different perceptions, don't we :-)

  13. Thank you for sharing these! My girls will love these for Christmas this year.